Big Data Solutions

We turn terabytes of Big Data into $ millions of value

When iron ore is extracted from the ground, it’s still iron. But when it’s transformed by experts, it becomes razor blades, bridge girders, skillets, paint pigment, barbells, and thousands of other things that make civilization work.

It’s the same with Big Data. When our data engineers and visual scientists process and transform your Big Data every night, the result is exactly the product you need. That includes industry-specific solutions, as well as enterprise platform solutions that encompass a wide spectrum of functional areas, and cross-enterprise solutions like G/L, supply chain, and costing analytics that bring a new level of effectiveness to these key activities. 

Industry-Focused Solutions

We have created a variety of solutions that take advantage of our deep healthcare experience, and are focused on improving financial and operational outcomes in highly specific areas like denied claims, self pay, and vendor performance.

The Revenue Cycle is just that; it’s a long process that starts before the patient walks through the door and continues well after treatment. At every step of the way, there are processes that can be improved, so we offer highly focused solutions that improve outcomes from beginning to end.

Cross-Enterprise Solutions

Whether enterprises manufacture tires, educate students, drill for oil or promote wellness, they have a number of functions in common: G/L, costing, supply chain logistics, and marketing effectiveness, to name a few. And each of these functions have another quality in common: They are all driven by a non-stop influx of Big Data that can either erode or enhance their usefulness. The right analytics do the enhancing part. Instead of just keeping track of your data, they use the power of streaming intelligence, leading indicators, advanced visualizations, and intelligent workflow to help you gain the most value from it. Building on the strength of our proven analytics platform, we create fully customized solutions that will bring new capabilities to G/L, supply chain, costing, and marketing effectiveness.

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