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Anthony Comfort, PMP, CSM

VP, Product Management

Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.

– Carl von Clausewitz

It’s often said that genius is in the details. As one of the .012186% of the world’s population who are Certified Project Management Professionals, Anthony has an unmatched eye for details. But as steward of VisiQuate's product roadmap, he also has a panoramic view of the big picture. It’s his ability to blend the most granular detail with the most overarching views that let Anthony create the best product experience at every layer of VisiQuate's solutions.


  • Over ten years building and implementing enterprise business productivity and intelligence tools

At VisiQuate

  • Builds and maintains VisiQuate's product roadmap
  • Works with internal and external subject matter experts to define and execute new product offerings
  • Identifies optimal value-mix of improving existing products and building new solutions to continuously improve user experience and satisfaction

Before VisiQuate

  • Director of Professional Services, Métier, Ltd. – Led global product and consulting teams to deliver enterprise-class business productivity and project portfolio management workflow solutions


  • BS, International Security and International Business, Georgetown University

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