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Raymond Hsu

Raymond Hsu, PhD

EVP, Finance & CFO

Entitlement is the opposite of enchantment.

– Guy Kawasaki

He’s too modest to be called Dr. Hsu, so he insists that employees, clients, and investors just call him Ray. He should have three different first names, though, because he does the job of at least three people. In addition to the encyclopedic knowledge of accounting practices that makes him an exceptional CFO, Ray also oversees our HR activities, and is responsible for just about every communication between VisiQuate and our current and future investors and financial partners.


  • 20+ years as an actual rocket scientist, one of few CFOs whose math skills include working knowledge of laser physics

At VisiQuate

  • Leads and manages all accounting, finance and compliance activities
  • Acts at Chief Administrator, in charge of all HR and corporate policy activities
  • Serves as Corporate Development Director, liaises with investment and financial community

Before VisiQuate

  • Managed team that developed and built the initial engineering prototype of an Air Force satellite-to-satellite laser communications crosslink
  • Managed acquisition of outside funding for McDonnell Douglas advanced technology projects


  • BA, Chemistry and Physics, Harvard, Summa Cum Laude
  • MA, Physics, UC Berkeley
  • PhD, Physics, UC Berkeley

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