Prospect Health

The following videos, prepared for Prospect Health, describe the main features and benefits of the VisiQuate solution. These videos include functionality demonstrations based on a fictitious enterprise healthcare group called Paradise Health. 

The core functions demonstrated in these videos are highly configurable and customizable. VisiQuate is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of Prospect Health and will work with you to understand and address the exact challenges and opportunities you are facing.

NOTE: Prospect Health has requested views tracking on these videos so you will be asked to enter your name prior to viewing each video.  

Prospect Health Video Thumb Comprehensive View Of Enterprise

Corporate Executives / Hospital CEO / Hospital CFO

Getting a comprehensive view of your enterprise

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Prospect Health Video Thumb Automation

Executive-Level Finance Operations / Finance / Operations

Automating reports, alerts and driving operations with data

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Prospect Health Video Thumb Data Wrangling

IT / Business Intelligence / Decision Support / Analytics

Data wrangling, derived metrics, custom reporting and dashboards

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