Comprehensive data monitoring + Intelligent anomaly filtering = Serious ROI


In the revenue cycle, millions of datapoints are generated every day. Deep in that constant stream, any number of unpleasant surprises can flash by unnoticed. Until now. Because VisiQuate is introducing Watchdog.

Watchdog goes way beyond simple alerts. Instead of being triggered by a fixed number, it automatically detects anomalies and outliers and filters them intelligently to account for confounding factors. Everything that impacts your bottom line is automatically monitored at a granular level. Every DRG code, physician, physician group, procedure, charge line, visit level entry, claim denial and more. 

Whenever a monitored field deviates from baseline by a statistically significant amount, it is tagged and evaluated for relative importance. If the anomaly meets the threshold you have set for notification, a crystal-clear alert in natural language is delivered through the medium you choose: email, the VisiQuate portal, or your mobile device.

This advanced capability cuts through the noise of typical revenue cycle data and only alerts you when real dollars are at stake.  No other revenue cycle analytics solution has anything like it. But it’s now included in our Revenue Management Analytics solution. At no extra charge.

Key Features & Benefits

The faster you see, the faster you can act.

Everywhere that data is flowing, there are likely to be outliers and anomalies that can cause problems or present opportunities. But instead of having a vague hunch about something that could be brewing, and going on a deep investigative dive, you can have every important anomaly brought to your attention immediately.


See why we say You'll see.®