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Denials – Quick Cash

Learn three of the easiest denials you’ll ever turn into cash

Gain immediate insight into these three denial types so you can segment your denials inventory, spot root causes, capture collectable cash fast, and stop future problems before they happen.

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Reserves: Breaking down the barriers between Revenue Cycle and Finance

The best strategy for reserves creates an optimal balance between your need for cash and your need for revenues. Join us for a discussion on modern reserves methodology and best practices.

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The six stages of Big Data maturity

How data-driven is your enterprise?

Some enterprises are still experiencing spreadsheet anarchy and ungoverned "Shadow IT", with no common reporting standards. Others have deployed analytics through all levels of the enterprise, where their predictive capabilities lead directly to actions that make a difference every day. Find out where you are, and where you could be.

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When I visited your client site to see your solutions in action, I was so impressed by your client services manager that I wish he could move to our office when we get started.

– New client

Your ATB process is saving us significant hours in manual processing per month just for the outpatient side of things, and I have not started on the inpatient side yet!!

– Director, PFS

Great denials workshop! We created several reports and found one MASSIVE error in our 835 data. A single 835 Remit had a $22,000,000 (yes, $22M!) adjustment.

– Denials Management Coordinator

Your Self Learning Library is great! I thought the videos posted were well done and easy to follow. They will be a helpful tool for our users.

– Senior Process Improvement Consultant

You guys are great. Fantastic support on all fronts!!

– VP, Revenue Cycle

I love your upload and self-service reporting features. It will be a HUGE help and save a ton of manual time.

– PFS Systems Analyst

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