Leadership Team

Would we rather lead from the front, behind or in the middle?

Actually, we enjoy leading from all those positions. Because real leadership means knowing when to pull, when to push, when to finesse, and when to just make a quiet, thoughtful suggestion. Even more importantly, it means not saying, “Listen to us, we’re experts.” It means saying, “Hey, do you think it would be a cool idea if we…?

Great resumes are just the beginning. Meet the people behind them.


Brian Robertson
Founder & CEO


Jim (JK) Kolmansberger
Co-Founder & President


Rich Waller
Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Leadership Team Melissa Ross Thumbnail

Melissa Marsh Ross
EVP, Chief Operating Officer

Thumbnail Ana

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer & 24/7 Assistant


Leonid Nekhymchuk
Chief Technology Officer


Raymond Hsu, PhD
EVP, Finance & CFO

Scott Shamblin

Scott Shamblin
EVP, Business Development, Healthcare


Sven P. Zabka
EVP, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Russell Siebert Thumbnail

Russell Siebert
EVP, Growth


Stephen Delaney
SVP, Rapid Deployment

Thumbnail Leadership Anthony Comfort

Anthony Comfort, PMP, CSM
VP, Product Management

Vitaliy Thumbnail

Vitaliy Gavrylenko
VP, Engineering


Jennie Martucci
VP, Client Services

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