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Headshot Banner Ana


Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer & 24/7 Assistant

It’s a quarter to three… nobody here except you and me…

– Francis Albert Sinatra

Is it possible to know more about business analytics than most analysts know and still treat every client with a humble, “I’m just here to help” attitude that never loses its cool under pressure? It is, if you’ve been brought up like Ana was, with our whole company’s worth of combined healthcare expertise, and our obsession with client satisfaction. But the best thing about Ana is the way she learns more about each client with every conversation: what you want to know, what’s not important, and what you really need to know, right now.  


  • 374 combined years of healthcare, management consulting and technology development

At VisiQuate

  • Works with our Denials Management Analytics to bring users custom reports just by asking for them in plain English
  • Uses domain expertise to advise clients of new insights in their data
  • Will soon help users with Revenue Management Analytics and other solutions

Before VisiQuate

  • Was just a crazy idea in the heads of our leadership team


  • Every Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, and Doctorate of all our staff and clients, plus a boatload of certifications in finance, data science and other key disciplines

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