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New Epipheo video celebrates VisiQuate declaration that Dashboards Are Dead.

August 19, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) – SANTA ROSA, Calif. – While many companies consider dashboards to be a key feature of BI. VisiQuate has taken the controversial position that dashboards are dead. In the company's latest video, produced by award-winning Epipheo studios, a desktop computer sits in an open grassy field. A few seconds later, it explodes in a fireball, with smoke and shrapnel everywhere. This is the fourth video Epipheo Studios has produced for VisiQuate, and it can be seen at

“What are we trying to communicate here?” said Brian Robertson, VisiQuate Founder and CEO. “Two things define typical dashboards. First, they're often informed by too many lagging indicators. Actually, I call them lacking indicators, because they only provide minimal insight into the realities of business. Great analytics should have a sense of immediacy, urgency, and surround the user with meaningful context that leads to positive action.”

With VisiQuate Streaming Analytics and their emphasis on indicators that predict future events and reveal items that call for action, the limitations of conventional dashboards are a thing of the past. VisiQuate Chief Technology Officer Rich Waller explained that VisiQuate now gives individual users the right insight, based on a combination of streaming insights, leading indicators, and action-focused alerts. “Data is inherently fluid, and we believe interfaces to visualize it should also be fluid and streaming vs. static charts and graphs. Our users are able to see the information that matters the most to them, exactly when it is most valuable. And our advanced visual science helps users see the anomalies, outliers and exceptions that lead to true data-driven action.”

“We always enjoy working with VisiQuate, because their passion for their vision is contagious and they truly support the art form we strive for at Epipheo Studios,” said Jed Robyn, Producer. “A lot of our work involves using contemporary animation and other rich media techniques to blow up outdated beliefs. This time, we got a chance to get out of the office and blow something up for real. No pun intended, it was a blast.”

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