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Florida Hospital Association endorses VisiQuate Big Data Analytics Solutions

July 27, 2105 (BUSINESS WIRE) – SANTA ROSA, Calif. – Today, VisiQuate announced the Florida Hospital Association’s (FHA) endorsement of its analytics solutions. FHA is the second statewide body to recommend a specific analytics partner. In June of 2014, the Healthcare and Hospital Association of Pennsylvania gave VisiQuate a similar endorsement.

In the past, business analytics have helped healthcare organizations improve financial performance. Traditionally, their use was confined to analysts and other financial specialists. But now, decision makers at all levels of the organization have access to analytics solutions that give them actionable insight into the information they need – at the right time and the right level of detail.

“These analytics solutions support decisions for all types of users, from the Board of Directors through billing personnel,” John Mines, FHA Management Corporation Senior Vice President, said. “VisiQuate has taken analytics out of the back office and put it on the front lines, where staff are using it to improve financial, operational and most importantly, clinical outcomes.”

“We're proud to partner with FHA and are committed to help hospitals everywhere make a difference in the real world, not just in theory,” said Keith Eggert, FHFMA, EVP and GM, Healthcare, VisiQuate. “Our analytics deliver demonstrable benefits to our clients in leading organizations across the country, including our Orlando Health System client. And we believe that our increasing use of streaming intelligence and leading indicators will make an important contribution to the future growth and performance of FHA’s members.”

According to Mines, “Each FHA member client will receive its own unique business intelligence solution – a solution that evolves daily and changes nightly. Each night, member clients send VisiQuate complex data, and each morning they receive fresh insights into their operations. We are proud to recommend VisiQuate to hospitals throughout Florida.”

About the Florida Hospital Association
Florida Hospital Association is comprised of over 200 hospitals and health systems from across the state. Through representation and advocacy, education, and informational services, we support the mission of our members to provide the highest quality of care to the patients we serve. For more information, visit

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