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Myndshft and VisiQuate Partner to Deliver Enterprise Self-learning RCM Solutions

Leaders in AI and blockchain technology align on an integrated healthcare administration experience

MESA, Ariz. and SANTA ROSA, Calif. – May 8, 2019 – Myndshft and VisiQuate today announced a partnership that will deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end revenue cycle management and healthcare administration solution that combines the ability to automatically detect and fix issues on the front-end with the capacity to mine multi-dimensional analytics and reporting on the back-end.

"It's nearly impossible to glean meaningful, actionable intelligence from today's highly complex healthcare revenue cycle. Even more, the ability to dynamically change workflows to prevent denials isn't available in the market today," said Ron Wince, CEO of Myndshft, developer of CB.Claims™, the first cognitive blockchain platform for healthcare. "Our partnership with VisiQuate delivers a high impact end-to-end experience that is both immediately actionable and designed for granular, multi-dimensional analysis and continuous process improvement."

The partnership couples Myndshft's AI-powered platform, designed to optimize and automate end-to-end revenue cycle processes, and VisiQuate's proven business analytics and prediction engines. The combination creates a virtuous cycle for revenue cycle management by producing a self-learning loop whereby the front-end and back-end inform and improve one another over time.

"We are thrilled to offer a combined solution to proactively monitor, detect, alert, and automate anomaly detection," said Brian Robertson, Founder & CEO of VisiQuate, a market leader in healthcare business analytics. "But we're not stopping there. Our combined offerings result in deeper and more cognitive understanding and can intervene by automating anomaly detection, speeding up complex data decisions and better impacting upstream vs. downstream business problems. We believe this will give clients greater transparency into the full continuum of the revenue cycle, in addition to the seamless integration of insight and action, along with constant improvement through continuous machine learning based self-learning loops."

About Myndshft Technologies, Inc.
Myndshft's software-as-a-service automates and simplifies time-consuming healthcare administrative tasks associated with prior authorization, eligibility verification, and patient financial responsibility, freeing providers and payers to concentrate more fully on patient care again. Myndshft was founded in 2015, and works with leading providers, payers, and health information exchanges. For more information, visit

About VisiQuate
VisiQuate is an expert managed service powerhouse that helps clients accelerate the enterprise-wide growth of peak business health more effectively. The company's business analytics integrate and simplify complex big data from multiple sources and present the information as meaningful insights, actionable workflows and prediction pathways. Hidden root causes, trends, and opportunities become clear and lead directly to real-world results thanks to powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. For users at all levels, the app-like visualizations deliver an experience that feels more retail than corporate. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, VisiQuate currently serves clients in healthcare and finance. 

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