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VisiQuate adds conversational UI to its healthcare analytics; creates virtual data assistant named Ana.

Santa Rosa, CA, May 8 – To keep up with the fast-changing realities in healthcare, it’s vital to have fast, easy access to enterprise reports, dashboards and other data insights. Today, VisiQuate announced that access will be easier than ever for users at all skill levels. With Ana, their new automated data assistant, getting values for key metrics, ratios and trends will be easy as asking questions in simple English, like, “What is next month’s forecasted operating income?” Or, "Show me the last 13 months of point-of-service collections.” Ana will satisfy the request almost instantaneously, because she is built on top of VisiQuate’s powerful analytics platform. Also, Ana takes full advantage of VisiQuate’s advanced analytics capabilities, including deep learning, AI, forecasting and other predictive insights.

“Imagine having 24/7 access to an analyst that could instantly report on any insight you need,” said Rich Waller, VisiQuate’s Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer.  “One that can spot and alert you to outliers and anomalies in your data, tap into a playbook of performance improvement strategies, or automatically deliver report packages to key stakeholders.  That’s Ana.”

On June 26th, at the ANI conference in Orlando, VisiQuate will unveil Ana to the world.  While the full scope of Ana’s capabilities remain under wraps until the announcement, the company has revealed that Ana will also be informed by VisiQuate’s comprehensive revenue cycle improvement playbook. So in addition to analyzing data, she can also recommend tactics and strategies that help an organization address challenges and opportunities.  

According to Brian Robertson, VisiQuate Founder & CEO, “Due to heavy dependence on advanced power users, the current methods of data wrangling and data mining severely limit the ways that an organization can utilize and ultimately monetize their data. Big data has always needed a highly intelligent user interface that makes life easy and frictionless for the everyday user.  As a conversational UI innovation, Ana is bringing down the barriers of exploring organizational big data and making it accessible to a much wider variety of roles within an organization."

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