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VisiQuate announces a new release of HealthMobile.D™; a chronic care ecosystem for patients, caregivers, health plans, and medical device makers

SANTA ROSA, Ca, October 1, 2020 –– With 34.2 million Americans who have diabetes, and 88 million more who are pre-diabetic, there is no shortage of data. But there has been a lack of consistently normalized data that could bring insights to all parties involved with this prevalent condition: medical device makers, health plans, caregivers, and the patients themselves. VisiQuate, Inc. is focused on filling that gap with a new version of HealthMobile.D, a solution that makes the data generated by and for chronic care patients more valuable to all parties involved. As announced earlier this week, Ascensia Diabetes Care has partnered with VisiQuate to apply HealthMobile.D to their digital diabetes management program.

"Healthcare isn't confined to office discussions between the patient and provider anymore," said Melissa Miller, Lead Consultant, VisiQuate. "With HealthMobile.D, it can happen in real time." When a provider sees a patient with an unhealthy trend, they can reach out immediately through the platform. But supporting a concierge relationship between providers and patients is just one use case. Health Plans need entirely different windows into the data, and HealthMobile.D offers that as well. With the insights provided, users can see which programs are creating the highest engagement, evaluate adherence, and understand current and trended member outcomes.

"Our platform and services are designed to drive digital transformation, and this latest solution release takes this to another level with the integration of Ana (our AI-based digital health assistant) into HealthMobile.D," VisiQuate Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer Rich Waller added.  "We could not be more honored and excited to partner with industry thought leaders in such an important area of healthcare."

The HealthMobile.D solution is available for all these uses immediately. It is a highly extensible solution that can be applied to any chronic condition – including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and COPD.

About VisiQuate
Founded in 2009, VisiQuate, Inc.'s user-friendly data management and analytics solutions let virtually anyone in a healthcare organization explore complex data from multiple sources to quickly gain insights and create actionable workflows. This ability helps clients improve yield, optimize cost efficiencies, and dramatically improve the quality and velocity of decision making. Ana, VisiQuate's cognitive learning platform and interactive, automated data assistant, makes the process even simpler by using natural language chats that are powered by AI, ML, and informed by crowdsourced data. Underlying the advanced analytics is the collective experience of industry domain leaders who constantly share knowledge and best practices. The company is headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, with offices in Harrisburg, PA and Dallas, TX. For more information, visit or contact

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