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VisiQuate Announces Deployment of AI-based Analytics for Fresenius Medical Care

Company integrates best-in-industry intelligent automation and analytics to deliver predictive prioritization on claims

SANTA ROSA, CA, January 23, 2019 – VisiQuate Inc. is pleased to announce that Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) has expanded a pilot program into a system-wide deployment of two of VisiQuate’s leading analytics solutions: Denials Management Analytics and Denial Flo. FMCNA is the leading provider of kidney care products and services including life-sustaining dialysis treatment for patients with kidney failure.

“When we first talked to the revenue cycle team at Fresenius Medical Care, it was clear they were ready to move to the next level,” VisiQuate’s co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer Rich Waller said. “They did some research, and quickly realized our Denial Flo solution could be ideal for them, because of the way it intelligently segments denials into prioritized worklists and assigns each account to the employee who could most effectively convert it into a paid claim.” 

As an evidence-based organization, FMCNA decided to begin with a 90-day pilot of VisiQuate’s Denial Flo solution. They began to see measurable results in a very short time, including enthusiastic adoption by their users, who were impressed by the ways it made them more productive. As a result, FMCNA decided to move ahead with the full deployment of Denial Flo, and added VisiQuate Denials Management Analytics, as well.

“One of our strongest advantages is speed to value,” Brian Robertson, VisiQuate’s Founder and CEO, said. “The time, collaboration, and enthusiasm that Fresenius Medical Care put into this collaboration is a key reason why our pilot went so well.” 

About VisiQuate
Founded in 2009, VisiQuate, Inc. is an expert managed service that helps clients accelerate the enterprise-wide growth of business health more effectively than any other alternative. The company’s enterprise-scale Business Analytics integrate and simplify complex Big Data from multiple sources and present it as insights and actionable workflows. Hidden root causes, trends, and opportunities become clear, and lead directly to real-world results. For users at all levels, the app-like visualizations feel more retail than corporate. VisiQuate’s automated data assistant, Ana, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make users more productive. VisiQuate clients also benefit from the collective experience of industry domain leaders who help them achieve the best performance outcomes. The company is headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA.  For more information, visit or contact

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