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VisiQuate Announces Partnership With Large Northeast Health System

A large northeast health system has partnered with VisiQuate to deliver advanced revenue cycle analytics solutions that further their investment in Epic by delivering unparalled data visibility.

VisiQuate delivers an ROI, not an IOU and the five-year partnership with the health system includes solutions that decrease denied claims, increase yield, and accelerate revenue to improve overall financial wellness across the organization.

Santa Rosa, CA, October 6, 2022 – A leading not-for-profit system based in the northeast with a focus on community and wellness is partnering with VisiQuate. With a new VP of Revenue Cycle taking the helm, the priority is to completely transform their revenue cycle operations to perform just like their highly awarded clinical care. Believing in a “better together” strategy, the organization saw the value that VisiQuate would bring to enhance their investment into their deployment of Epic.

As part of their overall organizational transformation strategy, the health system asked VisiQuate to deploy their Denials Management Analytics, Revenue Management Analytics, and Reserve Analytics, bringing together the revenue cycle and finance teams. A key factor in their decision was VisiQuate’s ability to merge Hospital Billing and Physician Billing data to provide a comprehensive view of the longitudinal patient record, along with real-time, proactive analytics. A senior leader said, “The VisiQuate analytics give our revenue cycle teams the ability to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, which in turn creates a better patient experience.”

“The health system views us as a trusted partner to enter into a five-year agreement,” Tiffany Walls, VP, Growth, VisiQuate said. “With our rapid implementation process, we deliver meaningful ROI and results for our clients almost immediately. Like other VisiQuate clients, they expect to achieve millions of additional dollars in yield improvement shortly after go-live. We look forward to supporting our partner’s mission to improve the health of the communities they serve.”

About VisiQuate
VisiQuate empowers healthcare organizations to achieve peak business health, through expert service-enabled technologies that dramatically improve performance and reduce process waste. We deliver optimized enterprise outcomes through a unique combination of complex data curation, deep AI & ML, advanced analytics and intelligent process automation. VisiQuate’s Velocity consulting team of revenue cycle leaders and operators use their collective experience to drive efficiencies into client organizations and back into our solutions. The company is headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, with offices in Harrisburg, PA and Dallas, TX. For more information, visit or contact

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