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VisiQuate builds momentum in Big Data analytics with new products, offices, staff, and website

SANTA ROSA, CA June 29 – After implementing hundreds of multi-terabyte enterprise class Big Data & Analytics solutions for one of the most complex, security-intensive industries – healthcare – VisiQuate, Inc. has created a proven platform and managed service model that serves as the foundation for solutions that span a wide range of industries, including Energy, Education, Commercial Construction and Financial Services.

At ANI 2015, a conference sponsored by the Healthcare Financial Management Association , VisiQuate extended its leadership in Big Data Analytics by introducing three new solutions: Team Performance Analytics, Missing Charges Analytics, and Flo™ 2.0, an advanced operational BI and workflow engine. During the same week, VisiQuate also participated in DUG East, a premier Energy industry conference hosted by Hart Energy, where they introduced Energy Analytics and Command Center, two solutions that will bring new levels of business and operating effectiveness to the oil & gas industry. To better serve current and future clients, the company also opened new offices in Frisco, TX and Harrisburg PA, and added key hires in R&D engineering.

“What a way to jump into Q3 2015,” Brian Robertson, Founder & CEO, said. “We couldn’t be happier about our current clients, our future ones, and the new things we’re making possible for the markets we operate in. Our people literally outdid themselves in getting ready for these two shows, and the reception we got at both couldn’t have been better.”

To expand awareness of the way VisiQuate helps clients compete on analytics, the company launched version 3.0 of The new site prominently features a detailed description of the functionality, features, and benefits of each analytics solution. It also has a new video from Epipheo Studios that anybody tasked with deploying an analytics solution will find to be entertaining and informative. “We used to talk about our technology in broader terms,” JK Kolmansberger, VisiQuate President & Co-Founder, said. “No more. Each of our solutions offers clearly defined features, benefits and business value, which are much more comprehensively conveyed and illustrated on our new website.”

The site also includes a brief assessment that helps managers understand where their enterprise stands on the Big Data maturity curve. “This is one of my favorite features,” said Rich Waller, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “In just a minute or two, it lets decision-makers see where they are today, and where they could be tomorrow with our help. With all the pressure C-Suite leaders are under to deploy Big Data analytics, I think they’ll especially appreciate this information.” Like all VisiQuate marketing communications, the site was created, produced, and managed by Clarity Creative Services, VisiQuate’s internal creative services team.

About VisiQuate
Founded in 2009, VisiQuate offers proven solutions that manage the volume, variety, and velocity of Big Data. The company’s enterprise-scale Business Analytics integrate and simplify complex data and present it as insights and actionable workflows. For users at all levels, the app-like visualizations feel more retail than corporate. Hidden root causes, trends, and opportunities become clear, and lead directly to real-world results. VisiQuate clients also benefit from the collective experience of industry domain leaders who help them achieve the best performance outcomes. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, VisiQuate currently serves clients in healthcare, energy, and other industries. For more information, visit or contact

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