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VisiQuate creates new position: SVP of Rapid Deployment

Santa Rosa, CA Feb. 9 – In Big Data analytics, where many implementations take years, and over 50% of internally-created implementations are abandoned before completion, VisiQuate has distinguished itself with a 100% completion rate, and typical implementation times of 90 days or less. Today, the company doubled down on its commitment to implementing the highest quality analytics at maximum speed by naming Stephen Delaney as SVP of Rapid Deployment.

According to Rich Waller, VisiQuate Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, “With over two decades experience at leading healthcare organizations, including his years as SVP Client Services at VisiQuate, Stephen was clearly the best choice for this role. Basically, he’s played a key role in all of our implementations for clients across the country for the last six years. By formalizing this role, we’re making even more resources available, and sending a notice to the enterprise software world that our deployment speed should be the new standard for the industry.”

Delaney will continue to work with VisiQuate’s cross-functional deployment teams of subject matter experts, data scientists and engineers, and visual scientists. Some, but not all of, his key focus areas will include Data Mapping and Integration, Business / Process Flow Denial Analysis, Performance Measurement, Population Health, and Financial Analytics.

“I couldn’t be more pleased about this role,” Delaney said. “It’s not exactly new, but making rapid deployment an official role instead of a de facto practice shows everyone just how serious we are about speed to value and client satisfaction. We know that our solutions deliver demonstrable ROI to our clients, so the sooner we can get them up and running, the more they benefit.”

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