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VisiQuate Launches Machine-Learning Model That Accelerates Cash Collection for Healthcare Providers

Data science-driven denial follow-up scoring allows providers to intelligently prioritize claims to accelerate cash collection

Santa Rosa, CA, February 27, 2023 – VisiQuate, Inc., the industry leading provider of advanced analytics, intelligent workflow, results-driven services and AI-powered automation offerings to America’s most respected healthcare providers, today announced the launch of Full Score – a new machine-learning model that enables revenue cycle leaders to prioritize work to accelerate cash collection.

As claim denials continue to increase, healthcare organizations face unprecedented pressure to use their limited resources efficiently. VisiQuate’s Full Score solution allows organizations to maximize their teams’ efforts by working accounts in the most effective order to increase cash collection velocity. Full Score allows revenue cycle leaders to measure and manage their team’s compliance to worklist sorting policies, empowering them to build stronger teams and processes. Full Score can integrate into the workflow tools of popular EHR systems, as well as VisiQuate’s own Flo workflow solutions, providing a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to dramatically accelerate cash recoveries.

Health systems that piloted Full Score saw a 10% increase in cash without increasing time spent by staff, further adding efficiency and effectiveness.

“Full Score uses a model built on each individual client’s data, enabling the most accurate guidance based on their specific payers, processes, and policies,” said Jim Dumond, Director of Product, VisiQuate. “It monitors for – and will react to – any updates in those variables as work is done and payments are received, ensuring the model is always up-to-date and as effective as possible. Most importantly, Full Score marries deep data science techniques with individual hospital system data to refine the process for healthcare organizations to maximize cash collections and efficiency, given their constrained resources.”

Full Score uses intelligence from decades of revenue cycle experience and curated insights across VisiQuate’s client base to provide the ability to create worklists that prioritize expediting collections. Using Full Score, payment velocity increases and teams can work the most valuable accounts without having to hunt for them. Working in concert with Flo and Workforce Performance Analytics, VisiQuate Full Score provides a comprehensive workflow solution that drives revenue cycle teams – and financial outcomes – further. Imagine the perfect symphony of your data, deep data science, and decades of revenue cycle expertise coming together – a Full Score.

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About VisiQuate
VisiQuate empowers healthcare organizations to achieve peak business health, through expert service-enabled technologies that dramatically improve performance and reduce process waste. We deliver optimized enterprise outcomes through a unique combination of complex data curation, deep AI & ML, advanced analytics and intelligent process automation. VisiQuate’s Velocity consulting team of revenue cycle leaders and operators use their collective experience to drive efficiencies into client organizations and back into our solutions. The company is headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, with offices in Harrisburg, PA and Dallas, TX. For more information, visit or contact

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