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VisiQuate Launches Multiple Enhancements to Advanced Analytics Suite

Upgrades to Flo and Late Charges solutions enable providers to prioritize patient accounts, reduce late charges

Santa Rosa, CA, April 4, 2022 –  VisiQuate, Inc., the industry leading provider of advanced analytics, intelligent workflow, results-driven services and AI-powered automation offerings to America’s most respected healthcare providers, today announced major solution enhancements to its Flo and Late Charges predictive analytics solutions that help healthcare organizations achieve peak business health.

VisiQuate’s Flo solution launched a suite of new tools to support workflow across the revenue cycle with the addition of VisiQuate’s proprietary recommendation engine, powered by Ana. Ana's Recommendation Engine harnesses the power of each organization’s own data by intelligently prioritizing accounts and proactively informing users how and when to work each account. The recommendation engine builds on decades of revenue cycle experience and the ability to turn big data into actionable, intentional insights. With Ana’s Recommendation Engine, users are able to work more accounts – faster and more efficiently.

Late charges are a challenge in most healthcare organizations’ revenue cycles. They are unpredictable, and create problems with cash flow and patient satisfaction. VisiQuate’s Late Charge Analytics suite allows healthcare finance professionals to predict and prevent late charges before they occur. Users analyze trends, pinpoint the origins of defects, and identify what contributors – such as market, facility, charge department or procedure – are driving late charges.

“VisiQuate’s Late Charge Analytics suite is proven to increase cash flow velocity, reduce timely filing denials, and eliminate unnecessary costs and rework,” said Sean Kirby, EVP Velocity, VisiQuate. “With our unique approach, VisiQuate’s solution steps users through an intuitive process that uses advanced visualizations to explain the data.”

As a part of VisiQuate’s core analytics offering, Numero™ allows organizations to identify trends and outliers in their business. “We’re announcing brand new ways to make your data more interactive than ever before,” said Anthony Comfort, EVP of Product, VisiQuate. “Clients have fresh, exciting options for filtering, like having filters span dashboards. There’s also a new ability to add more content to a page thanks to vertical scrolling within dashboards, allowing for even more visibility into your data in one view.”

Enhanced Sankey diagrams and time series charts are a small part of a host of improvements to superior visualizations. VisiQuate is also introducing several new graphical interface tools allowing users to more easily take advantage of all these features. A guided user experience helps users pick the right visualization to address their specific analytics question.

About VisiQuate
VisiQuate empowers healthcare organizations to achieve peak business health, through expert service-enabled technologies that dramatically improve performance and reduce process waste. We deliver optimized enterprise outcomes through a unique combination of complex data curation, deep AI & ML, advanced analytics and intelligent process automation. VisiQuate’s Velocity consulting team of revenue cycle leaders and operators use their collective experience to drive efficiencies into client organizations and back into our solutions. The company is headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, with offices in Harrisburg, PA and Dallas, TX. For more information, visit or contact

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