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VisiQuate Launches Sonata™ Revenue Cycle Data Platform to Help Healthcare Organizations Streamline Data Analysis and Increase ROI

New solution reduces burden of manual data integration while empowering data science teams to identify new opportunities for savings and revenue enhancement

Santa Rosa, CA, November 9, 2021 – VisiQuate, Inc., the leading provider of advanced analytics, intelligent workflow and AI-powered automation offerings to America’s most respected healthcare providers, today announced the launch of Sonata™, an acceleration toolkit for IT teams to streamline data ingestion, enrichment and analysis to get data in the hands of business analysts and data scientists faster than ever.

Sonata reduces the burdens associated with manually cleansing and integrating data to empower data science teams to uncover operational insights that surface overlooked revenue opportunities and hidden savings potential, driving rapid return-on-investment. 

Sonata is an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based data integration solution that runs securely within a client’s own cloud environment and augments healthcare organizations' overall enterprise data strategies and generates data pipelines automatically based on data ontology and target data model. Sonata includes state of the art neural networks that perform automatic recognition, classification and consolidation of data residing in multiple data sources. It consists of four primary components:

"Data science teams and their supporting IT teams routinely expend significant time and resources cleansing, organizing and integrating data - time that could be better spent developing new models, actionable insights and predictive analytics," said Brian Robertson, Founder & CEO, VisiQuate. "With Sonata, healthcare organizations can unlock the power of their own data, accelerating value and reducing friction to simplify the complexity and pain points of wrangling revenue cycle data."

To learn more about how Sonata™ can accelerate your revenue data cycle strategy, click here

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