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VisiQuate to celebrate new capabilities of its chatbot, Ana, with cocktail flights and demo at Sands Convention Center

Santa Rosa, CA, June 20 –  Monday, June 25, from 4:30 – 6:30 PM, at the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, VisiQuate, Inc. will show revenue cycle professionals the latest capabilities of its rapidly evolving chatbot, and host a cocktail celebration that features flights of California wines, craft beers, and single malt Scotch whiskeys. The event will be hosted at the VisiQuate Booth, #948.

“We’re always excited to come to the Conference Formerly Known as ANI,” Brian Robertson, VisiQuate Founder & CEO, said. “It’s a great opportunity to connect with some of the best revenue cycle professionals in the country, and show the healthcare industry many of the new ways that analytics can help them achieve peak business health. Of course, a cocktail or two, in moderation, can have health benefits, too.”

“We’re definitely looking forward to sharing Ana’s progress at this event,” Rich Waller, VisiQuate Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder, said. “This is no ordinary chatbot that just handles a limited number of routine questions. Because of her machine learning capabilities, Ana has grown into an expert revenue cycle consultant. For example, if you ask her for a report on A/R over 90 >$5,000, she’ll get you that report in seconds, but also ask if you’d like it broken down by payer, region, or facility. Having an expert assistant like that just opens up whole new worlds of opportunity for our clients.”

The Monday afternoon event is open to all registered participants at the HFMA Annual Conference, Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

About VisiQuate
Founded in 2009, VisiQuate is an expert managed service that helps clients accelerate the enterprise-wide growth of business health more effectively than any other alternative. The company’s enterprise-scale business analytics integrate and simplify complex big data from multiple sources, and present it as insights and actionable workflows. Hidden root causes, trends, and opportunities become clear, and lead directly to real-world results. For users at all levels, the app-like visualizations feel more retail than corporate. VisiQuate clients also benefit from the collective experience of industry domain leaders who help them achieve the best performance outcomes. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, VisiQuate currently serves clients in healthcare, finance, and other industries.  For more information, visit or contact

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