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VisiQuate welcomes healthcare and software development leaders to its Board of Directors

SANTA ROSA, Calif., April 24, 2020 -- As VisiQuate Inc. continues to grow and expand into new areas of healthcare, the company today announced that Jim Lacy and Karl Robb, both of whom are widely known and highly respected figures in their industries, have joined its Board of Directors.

Jim Lacy brings more than 20 years of healthcare revenue cycle management experience to the VisiQuate Board. He previously served as CFO, Chief Strategy Officer, and General Counsel for Waystar, an industry-leading revenue cycle management company. Jim's tenure with Waystar began with the merger of ZirMed and Navicure. He currently serves as key advisor and strategist to VisiQuate and other companies, working to transform the industry to improve value and optimize cost.

Karl Robb has been closely associated with VisiQuate for several decades. A 38-year veteran of the software engineering and IT solutions industry, he first began collaborating with VisiQuate Founder & CEO Brian Robertson in the early 2000s, providing key software development talent and helping pioneer SaaS-based advanced analytics for the healthcare industry.

Karl now serves as a non-exec Board Member of EPAM Systems Inc. after having been an executive Board Member from 2004 - 2015. Before retiring in 2015, he was Executive Vice President, EPAM globally, as well as President of EPAM Systems Europe. EPAM is a leading global product development, digital platform engineering, and product design agency, with more than 37,000 employees worldwide. Throughout his career in IT, Karl has been a C-level executive of companies in Europe and the USA, and founded two companies that had successful exits. He also served in key executive roles, including business development, product management and marketing in the UK, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Latin America, Hungary and Ukraine.

"I can't begin to say how proud we are to add two such recognized and respected veterans to our board," VisiQuate Founder & CEO Brian Robertson said. "We're kicking off our second decade with incredible momentum, and these two new board members will add invaluable new perspective to our vision and growth strategy."

Karl Robb echoed similar sentiments. "I've known Brian and his team since the outset of VisiQuate, as well as having enjoyed a great partnership with them before that for several years," he said. "I have watched them acquire one leading healthcare client after the other, and witnessed first-hand their ability to deliver great business outcomes by combining innovative technology and seasoned deep domain expertise, all powered by leading-edge, secure and scalable data services."

"I have always been passionate about the importance of culture to make a company thrive and excel," Robb continued. "Seeing for over a decade how committed the leadership of VisiQuate is in terms of culture and passion, valuing their people and clients beyond the usual corporate norms, is why I have always enjoyed working with them. They have an exciting vision for market disruption and value and I'm looking forward to helping them continue their growth and client innovation."

About VisiQuate
Founded in 2009, VisiQuate is an advanced analytics technology and service company that serves some of the country's best-known healthcare providers and medical device makers. Our mission is to help clients achieve peak business health through yield improvement and cost optimization. To maximize outcomes, our solutions are used by workers at all levels, from the C-Suite to line staff.

Ana, VisiQuate's AI-driven virtual data assistant, lets users get tailored insights by asking simple questions. Ana also suggests follow-up actions that produce even greater results. By crowdsourcing the constant wisdom of clients' actions, our solutions deliver continuous value with weekly updates to recommended actions. For more information, visit or contact

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