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Meet Ana at HIMSS19 – VisiQuate’s industry-leading, AI-powered data analyst

New capabilities increase self-pay revenue and patient satisfaction

Santa Rosa, CA—February 6, 2019— The challenges to healthcare providers created by patient-as-payer are increasing. But at HIMSS19,  VisiQuate, a leading provider of healthcare financial management solutions, will introduce a completely new way that Ana, its Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, will meet those challenges. 

Better yet, Ana is not a person. She’s an AI-powered data analyst created by VisiQuate that is fundamentally transforming revenue cycle management in hospitals and health systems by offering new levels of sophistication in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“The ubiquity of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) has made health consumers, collectively, one of the largest payers in the nation,” said Rich Waller, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer of VisiQuate. “This shift has put enormous pressure on consumers to manage bigger medical bills. And it has put pressure on providers to collect these higher deductibles without compromising the consumer experience.  With the launch of Ana for self-pay, health systems can apply intelligent, evidence-based insights at scale to personalize patient engagement strategies that will generate consumer satisfaction.”

Ana I need help with self-pay
In the patient-as-payer era, nearly every hospital and health system in the country are caught up in this perfect storm.

Patients are shouldering an ever-increasing financial burden, and the lack of effective solutions to manage their financial obligations has soured their overall healthcare experience. In many cases, patients are delaying necessary care to avoid steep bills. Meanwhile, health systems’ margins continue to tighten as bad debt piles up. Insights into a patient’s propensity to pay remain limited, making effective outreach difficult and impersonal.

Enter Ana, whose micro-segmentation capabilities drill down into each patient’s ability to manage and pay their bills. With these insights captured, Ana recommends the most productive engagement actions for each individual. To create an even more personalized patient experience, Ana’s document management and guidance features promote closer collaboration among revenue cycle professionals, call center representatives, and even hospital marketing. Her machine learning capabilities ensure an improved experience with each interaction—taking self-pay engagement far beyond mere task automation.

Ana, do you simplify other revenue cycle operations?
As the friendliest interface imaginable for an analytics solution, Ana eliminates the redundant, manually-driven inefficiencies associated with mining, aggregating and analyzing data.

Designed for use across the enterprise, Ana uncovers granular insights in any aspect of revenue cycle operations and recommends new, strategic workflows based on evidence drawn from the health system’s own data. She is also informed by VisiQuate’s Revenue Cycle Playbook, which offer step-by-step instructions that address highly specific areas of the revenue cycle where outcomes can be easily improved.

As an on-demand analyst, users have 24/7 accessibility to metrics, trends and reports customized to preference and frequency. Finally, as your virtual Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Ana can be tasked with detecting anomalies, identifying opportunities and making strategic recommendations. Powered by machine learning and data mining, Ana is giving data discovery an entirely new future.

Meet Ana, and be ready to ask her a question or two. She’ll be with her VisiQuate friends in the HIMSS19 Innovation Live section of the Exhibit Hall, Booth 9000-43. Rich Waller, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, will give her a formal introduction on Tuesday, February 12, at 2:45 PM in the Innovation Live booth (Hall F, Booth 9000).


About VisiQuate
VisiQuate is an expert managed service that helps clients achieve peak business health. With advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, VisiQuate integrates complex data and presents it as role-personalized insights and actionable workflows. Root causes, trends, and opportunities become clear, leading to real-world results. VisiQuate’s virtual Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Ana, is informed by the experience of industry leaders and delivers reports within seconds of being asked, suggesting next steps that yield greater value. To learn more, visit Visit our Ask Ana resource page to learn more and schedule a demo.

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