The VisiQuate Playbook

A steady stream of our best plays that eliminate waste and loss, improve operational efficiencies, capture more revenue, reduce manual staff work and increase productivity.

In healthcare, using analytics is one of the best ways to improve outcomes. But there’s more to it than getting insights from visualizations, even the most advanced ones. The key to success is how you use those insights.

You need a playbook, built on best practices learned by subject matter experts, that tells you exactly how to use those insights to maximum effect.

That’s what we’re offering the entire healthcare industry, whether you’re a VisiQuate client or not. These plays will show you step-by-step procedures that will help you increase yield and decrease waste across the entire revenue cycle. For example, you’ll see how to find incorrectly identified duplicate denials, be certain to bill the correct payer, optimize daily coding, and much more. And they’re offered free to every healthcare professional who asks.


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