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Medicare Telemedicine Services

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Why run this play?

For both current and new patients, virtual medical services are an important alternative during this current crisis and beyond. Whether conducted by videoconference, phone, or email, these services are covered by a number of HCPCS and CPT codes. This play helps ensure that providers receive revenue earned for all telemedicine services provided.


As more Americans are directed to – or decide to – shelter at home, telemedicine can play an important role in meeting needs for care without compromising the safety of either patient or provider. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently broadened access to Medicare telehealth services so that people can get access to their doctors without having to leave their homes. The details can be found in this article. Telemedicine is likely to be increasingly used during the current crisis, and this increased adoption could also drive increased usage in the future.

Take Action

  1. Query all charges from the hospital or physicians billing system starting in March 2020.

  2. Isolate all Claims and identify the following at the detailed CPT/HCPCS charge level

    1. Medicare Telehealth Visits

      1. Office or other OP visits: 99201-99215

      2. Telehealth consultations, ED, or initial IP: G0425-G0427 

      3. Follow up IP consults: G0406-G0408

    2. Virtual Check-Ins for established patients: G2010 and G2012

    3. E-Visits for established patients: 99431, 99422, 99423, G2061, G2062, and G2063

  3. We recommend that you monitor the daily volume of these new cases.  

  4. Additionally, we recommend that your CDI clinicians work with your care teams to ensure that documentation is complete and accurate prior to billing for proper reimbursement of services.

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