Analytics that support the most important business of all: Staying healthy.


There’s no question that analytics deliver clear, simple insights that lead to positive action. The only real question is “Why not use that power to promote the health of millions?” That idea led directly to HealthMobile.D, our patient-friendly solution designed to help the 100+ million Americans with chronic diseases, starting with diabetes. 

Diabetes currently affects 18 million Americans, plus an estimated 7 million more who have not yet been diagnosed. Despite its seriousness, with good information, it can be managed better than many other diseases. That is the role of HealthMobile.D, our app for patients, their physicians, other clinicians, family, and other loved ones. It combines the knowledge of leading physicians with the visual sciences that inform today’s best analytics software, and brings it all to life on the screen of tablets and smartphones. On the caregiver side, HM.D collects data securely from patients every day, and gives physicians and other clinicians a clear picture of all their patients, and makes patient problems visible as alerts, so physicians can address them quickly.

Key Features & Benefits

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