Marketing Analytics

Marketing is too important a job to do without an end-to-end view of the customer.


Conventional BI treats the purchase cycle as a process with a fixed point at either end, and reports on a series of events that happen in the middle. We look at marketing from an expanded perspective. It starts long before the customer even thought about you, and continues and long after the first purchase, the first recommendation to friends, and the second purchase. The result? An objective look at your customers’ lifetime value.

To do that, we don’t just report on what happened. We use predictive analytics and streaming intelligence to help you shape what will happen. Whether you’re segmenting demographics to inform your next engagement strategy, assigning hard quantitative metrics to soft qualitative data, or fine-tuning your recommendation incentives, VisiQuate provides the breadth and depth of insight you need to turn conversation into conversion.

Common Data Sources

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