Enterprise Analytics

What does it take to get an analytics platform that fits your enterprise? Months, not years.


We continuously update our platform with value-rich features and your continuous personalization requests, that let you get even more done.

– Rich Waller
Co-Founder & CXO

When most enterprises need to make sense of Big Data, they want analytics that align to their enterprise and provide strategic, tactical and operational value. But they think the process has to involve a steep learning curve, a large budget, and endless implementations.

Our clients know better. Our Big Data analytics are unique to each enterprise, but they have three basics in common: 1. Integrated data derived from formerly incompatible sources. 2. Advanced business rules that transform Big Data into actionable insights. 3. A visual interface that makes these insights crystal clear, for every user from executives to analysts to line staff.

Since we have built that foundation successfully, we have a head start on creating a solution tailored uniquely for you. In fact for most clients, our solutions have been in and running in six months or less.

Key Features & Benefits

Why settle for static and vague dashboards? See exactly what you need.

With some analytics, you get fixed dashboards that are meaningful to only a few managers and analysts. But our analytics are configured specifically for your enterprise, so each user gets the right content, presented with the right view, at the right time. Delivered to their desks or mobile devices.

As you can see from this sampling of visualizations, our idea of the right view is never pale or timid. We deliver bold, crisp images that make the insights you need stand out in sharp relief and become instantly understandable. And since this is streaming intelligence, it moves, changes, and has the ability to present you with exactly what you need throughout the day.


See why we say You'll see.®