How do we top white-glove service? Add more hands.

The white-glove service we deliver every day is a standard feature of all our solutions. It includes an intense focus on your needs during the planning and implementation process, exceptional responsiveness to your problems, questions, and suggestions, and a constant stream of product upgrades and enhancements. It also includes walking the halls with our clients, and looking at all the challenges and opportunities they face from a valuable new point of view. But there’s an even higher level of services available. Some of the services below are included at no charge; others are optional upgrades.

VelocitySM Consulting Services

Our solutions can deliver significant ROI to almost any enterprise. But for selected business categories, our Velocity Consulting Services can help you realize even more value. We have a staff of Subject Matter Experts who have played leading management roles in healthcare, and other important industries. When they combine the power of our solutions with their deep industry expertise, you increase your competitive edge. Unlike some consulting relationships that are conducted from a distance, our SMEs will walk the halls with you, use a pair of fresh eyes to help you identify problems and opportunities, and become so familiar with your business that they can literally finish your sentences. Even though we’re too polite to interrupt you in mid-sentence.

PersonifySM Engineering Services

Even though our solutions give you new levels of capability, in the hands of our client engineering team, Personify Engineering Services, they give you even more. Before they personalize one line of code for you, our talented technology specialists take the time to understand the real needs of your enterprise, not just in the C-suite, but throughout the entire organization. With their deep experience in software personalization, data transformation and technology integration, Personify customizes our solutions to meet your individual needs so closely that they literally wouldn’t work for anyone else. These solutions work intuitively for users at all levels, and deliver real world information that everyone can act on effectively. Since Personify starts with a proven platform and solutions, the deployment time is typically three months, compared to the two years you might have expected.

ClaritySM Services

Our marketing and creative services team helps VisiQuate tell our story to prospects, clients, and the press. They write, design, and produce our website, our advertising, our videos, our press releases and more. Before joining VisiQuate, they also produced effective communications for Abbott Diabetes Care, Dell Computer, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, McKesson, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Varian Medical Systems, and other leading companies.

Recently, a number of our clients asked if Clarity was available to help with their communications needs, and we were glad to say yes. Whether it’s a website, a digital marketing campaign, a video, or a press release, the principle is the same. We believe that making the recipient say “I get it” is Job One. To make that happen, we believe that design matters and that form is as important as content. We add crisp style and visual excitement to our solutions. Because when design, art, and function work together intelligently, the results are even more impressive than the aesthetics.

Big CloudSM Hosting Services

Everyone understands that cloud computing delivers drastically lower TCO. But for clients with critically sensitive data, the big question is always security and data governance. And we can assure you that our private cloud goes beyond HIPAA and aims for DOD-level security.

We can deliver this because we partner with Rackspace Managed Hosting, who are industry leaders in secure cloud computing. Then we enhance their steel-belted security with our own domain knowledge of HIPAA, PCI and other world-class security standards. We chose to partner with Rackspace because their core value is “Fanatical Support™,” which is 100% aligned with our values. Working with Rackspace, our data hosting professionals can create, deliver, scale, and secure dynamic infrastructure solutions for your enterprise. You enjoy high availability and dynamic SLAs, all backed by superior 24/7/365 support.


You can’t measure what you don’t know. And the world’s best analytics can’t analyze much if they don’t have the right data to sleuth through. To be sure that you’re getting the full spectrum of data you need, we can create custom apps that collect it from a full variety of sources, including smartphones, tablets, and the entire Internet of Things, then send it to our data integration studio, where its full value can be used.

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