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Revenue cycle outsourcing raises a lot of questions. Now you can see all the right answers.

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All vendors talk about the ROI they deliver. Vendor Watch gives us an objective way to compare their performance to our in-house people.

– Zane Newitt
Excalibur Data-Driven Management Solutions

Five things you should always know about your vendors: 

Introducing Vendor Watch. Now you can have real answers to all those questions, and more. Vendor Watch gives you total insight into the performance of your outsourced collection vendors – Extended Business Office (EBO), Bad Debt, and Early Out. Using your own transaction data, we show you the true performance of your vendors, and their impact on your bottom line. You see how much revenue they help you capture, how quickly, and from which payers. You can compare vendors side-by-side to get a sense of their relative performance. And you can compare the ROI of outsourcing to the ROI of keeping it in-house. In all, you can fine-tune the efficiency of your CBO like never before.

Key Features & Benefits

Give vendor performance the attention it deserves.

By combining data analytics, visual science and predictive algorithms, we give you insight into the past, present and future performance of your outsourced revenue cycle vendors, and your in-house activities. Supported by multi-years’ worth of historical assignment and payment data, we project how your vendors will perform against any number of different scenarios that you set.  By using this solution, you can make decisions going forward with a greater degree of confidence. 

Vendor Watch Combined Portfolio View

Combined Portfolio View

A true and current view of everything that you have assigned out to vendors: extended business office, early out, bad debt placements, and more.  See who is holding what and how payments are trending over time.  Filter by any timeframe, any group of vendors, any group of payers.

Vendor Watch Ebo Early Outs

EBO, Early and Bad Debt Stratification

Each of these tabs breaks down your A/R assignments by vendor, payer, balance, age, and all related attributes and metrics. Compare your vendors across nine key vendor performance indicators, including Cost to Collect, Average to Zero Balance, and Variance from SLA.

Vendor Watch Analyze

Ad Hoc Analysis – Numero

No need to write scripts or build queries. Easily build dashboards, scorecards and reports with VisiQuate’s drag-and-drop report builder.

Vendor Watch Analyze Visual Insights

Ad-Hoc Analysis – Visual Insight

Drag and drop visualization building with all related  attributes and metrics.  Easily create, filter and redraw visuals with any data elements you need. 

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