Finance Analytics

One picture is worth ten thousand cells.


When you think about it, nobody ever turned a spreadsheet into a roadmap. And we’ve thought about it a lot. The problem is, each cell in a spreadsheet is about 1/8” X 7/16”, so it’s hard to see a tree in that forest. That’s why we’ve designed our Finance Analytics to make hidden trends and important anomalies stand out in crisp relief.

Also, many of our clients have grown through acquisition, and have multiple Accounting and General Ledger systems. So VisiQuate Finance Analytics provides a single, centralized view of the enterprise with dynamic views and drill paths for the CFO, Controller, Accountant, and other analysts.

Whether driving top line growth, bottom line effectiveness, or mitigating risk, our analytics give the finance organization dynamic access to financial intelligence that is organized and designed to drive action.

Common Data Sources

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