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Finding Black Holes In Your Collection Flow

Difficulty: Moderately Simple  //  Revenue Cycle Operations

Why run this play?

Workflows should...flow. You can’t follow up on a balance that is stuck and completely hidden from a follow-up staff member’s work queue. To maintain peak business health, it's vital to find these hidden accounts, bring them to the attention of staff members, avoid timely filing denials, secure payment, and keep operations running smoothly.


Inefficiency can cost your business as much as 20-30 percent annually.  Ensuring that you have a robust workflow engine with deep analytical capabilities will help eliminate lost productivity, secure payment from your payers, and avoid unnecessary fatal denials.

Work segments provide powerful functionality and visibility to keep business operations running smoothly. But it's not uncommon for accounts to get stuck in no man's land and become untouched – we call these Black Hole Accounts. So it’s a great idea to periodically perform a workflow inventory to make sure all your automated workflows are still working the way they should. 

Running these routine checks will help your organization:

  • Collect debts on time, improving cash flow
  • Reduce redundancies
  • Provide better customer service 

Take Action

  1. Conduct a workflow inventory at a minimum of once every month (we recommend daily) to keep your processes as efficient as possible. 
  2. Recommended Query 1: All accounts >45 days, No Payments, No Adjustments
  3. Recommended Query 2: All Accounts where the last touch date >45 days from Current A/R Post Date.
  4. Assign a person to review the list of accounts that are getting stuck and ensure the issue is resolved, and that a rule is either modified or added.
  5. Create a workflow segment that maps any invoice or record that doesn’t have an assigned person, or hasn’t been touched in a specific period of time to look for flaws in the process.
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How to Calculate This Play's Value

  1. Identify accounts that were not assigned to a worklist, and follow the payments associated with them. 

  2. Trend the amount of accounts that are not appropriately assigned

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