Adapting to Change: Best practices you can put into place today to help manage the Change Healthcare outage

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Recent outages from Change Healthcare have sent ripples through the healthcare industry, impacting numerous clients and causing disruptions in essential processes. Like the rest of the industry, many of our clients have been impacted by the Change Healthcare outages and, while no two situations are the same, we know that there is wisdom to be gained from the crowd. So, to that end, we would like to share our experiences and how VisiQuate and our clients are responding to these issues.

Here's how you can proactively address the aftermath of the Change Healthcare outages:

  1. 835 Remit Availability: Provide claim status bifurcation to focus on actionable worklists prior to remit.
  2. 277 Status Availability: Restatus claims prior to February 20th to address immediate claim followup and explore alternative claim status vendors.
  3. Cash Reconciliation: Track the affected cohort of claims to pinpoint payment attributions and discrepancies.
  4. Pre-Post 2/20 Performance Measurement: Flag any affected payers to see volumes before and after the outage for metrics like denials and payments and types of denials.
  5. Tracking Pre-Post 2/20 Claim Adjudication: Triangulate cash, adjustments, and charges and segregate and track all Change-affected claims in the accounts receivable.
  6. Stuck Claims: Identify all claims from February 20th and 21st for re-billing, ensuring smoother processing.
  7. Claim Processing Restart: Monitor denials post-restart to compare trends pre- and post-February 20th.

VisiQuate remains committed to helping our clients navigate the challenges posed by the Change Healthcare outage through proactive measures and collaborative efforts. Stay tuned for further updates and insights as we continue to adapt and innovate in response to evolving industry dynamics.

Interested in learning more? The team at VisiQuate is focusing on how we can help hospitals optimize their revenue cycle management. Visit our Revenue Cycle Playbook for step-by-step plays to help you stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of healthcare revenue cycle, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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