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VisiQuate to introduce mobile cash analytics app powered by its AI Chatbot, Ana

Santa Rosa, CA, March 5 – VisiQuate Inc. says that Ana, its automated revenue cycle expert and data concierge, will now provide instant access to key financial metrics when users just ask her simple English questions on their smartphones, such as “What is Average Daily Cash for Medicare? Or, “What payers YTD are 10% below target?  In just seconds, the answer appears on their mobile screens, in the form of crisp, understandable visuals.

“We are not taking an academic approach to AI and machine learning,” said Rich Waller, VisiQuate Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer. “Instead we’re engaging Ana in conversations with leading revenue cycle professionals, so she’s learning the things our clients need to know every day.  This new mobile cash app is a perfect example of where we see the real value of AI. We look forward to demonstrating it at HIMSS, March 5 – 9.”

Colt Briner, VP Solution Management, added, “Most users have their particular favorite dashboards and reports, and Ana can instantly pull those with just a simple request. To make sure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time, Ana can forward reports, set alerts, and even give you reminders.”

According to Anthony Comfort, Director, Product Management, “Ana’s machine learning ability, combined with her frequent interactions with users, is a key reason behind her progress. We are impressed by Ana’s growing command of revenue cycle subject matter, but even more happy with her ability to understand casual requests made in informal unstructured language.”

“Originally, we saw Ana as a better way to interact with our larger analytics solutions,” VisiQuate Founder and CEO Brian Robertson said. “But we want Ana to learn from as many users as possible, so we are offering this new valuable new cash app for a very low risk: $99 per user per month. To make trial even easier, no PHI is involved. And the entire contract is only one page long.” 

At the rate Ana’s machine learning abilities are growing, significant improvements are likely to occur almost weekly. To see a demo of the mobile cash app, stop by HIMSS, March 5 – 9, Las Vegas Sands Expo Convention Center, Innovation Center Kiosk 9900-04, text Ana to 345345, or visit

About VisiQuate:

Founded in 2009, VisiQuate is an expert managed service that helps clients accelerate the enterprise-wide growth of business health more effectively than any other alternative. The company’s enterprise-scale Business Analytics integrate and simplify complex Big Data from multiple sources, and present it as insights and actionable workflows. Hidden root causes, trends, and opportunities become clear, and lead directly to real-world results. For users at all levels, the app-like visualizations feel more retail than corporate. VisiQuate clients also benefit from the collective experience of industry domain leaders who help them achieve the best performance outcomes. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, VisiQuate currently serves clients in healthcare, finance, and other industries.  For more information, visit or contact

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