Value Care Analytics

In theory, Value Care Analytics can help to manage healthcare reform. In practice, it already does.


There is only one certainty about healthcare reform: The train has left the station. Nobody is quite sure what the final destination will be, but better value care based analytics will help improve healthcare quality, cost, and various forms of population-based payment performance. To improve population health outcomes, this is no time for the overly academic, theoretical variety of business analytics; it calls for the blue collar, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done approach that our clients enjoy today.

Because we would rather solve problems than talk about them, we have based our Value Care Analytics on our knowledge that quality care is often the most effective care. We know that a great deal of the most valuable information is already in your EMR and other key systems, and that the rest is out there in the collective experience of patients and caregivers, and new data is captured every day by medical devices and other Internet of Things (IoT) data sources. This solution acts like a giant digital catcher’s mitt for all those different types of information, which our data integration engineers then integrate onto one common platform. This solution is also effective at monitoring physician groups and identifying different treatments for the same condition. This helps align physician performance with organization goals. For all these reasons and many more, no matter what direction government legislation and policy goes, or other industry innovators take, organizations who are informed by our Value Care Analytics will be better equipped to adapt and succeed.

Key Features & Benefits

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