How we do it

It’s not easy; we just make it look that way.

We combine your data

Every day, data, in all shapes, sizes and formats, gushes into your organization. In a Big Data environment, it winds up in all the disparate silos of your enterprise, including core Legacy Systems, CRM, ERP, BI, ECM, Finance, and G/L. You also get volumes of machine-generated data from enterprise systems and mobile devices. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, the volume and velocity of Big Data is exploding. In fact, Gartner estimates that by 2020, 26 billion devices will be generating data.

But managing massive data chaos is one of the things we do best. Every night, we combine multi-terabytes of incompatible data onto a single platform that lets our clients get the high value from it. We receive client data through a secure private cloud and our data and engineers transform it, for far less than you could do it yourself. Once it’s transformed according to client business rules, we deliver back meaningful, crisp and actionable intelligence. That creates the foundation for all the measurable benefits that our cloud-based SaaS solution delivers.

You see your data

The words “You’ll see.®” are the center of everything we do. And that involves a lot more than just showing you the same static dashboards every day. From Day One, we work with you to establish the Key Performance Indicators that measure your real-world, real-time performance. Then we create advanced visualizations that let you see your KPIs in the most meaningful way. In fact, we purposely design our solutions to interrupt you with alerts and streaming updates whenever needed. We display anomalies and outliers in 3D visualizations so they stand out in crisp relief. Instead of burying trends in data tables, we light them up in understandable visualizations. For each KPI, our visual science techniques present its multiple perspectives in a form that brings you immediate insights and deeper understanding. With our dynamic views, you see problems with better clarity and take action faster. And you always see your data from exactly the right altitude. You can easily go from the broadest big picture view to the most minute detail in a few clicks.

Data becomes insights

For years, Business Intelligence has played catch-up with the present. But even though we deliver fresh insights to your desk every morning, we have found ways to do even better. Our predictive analytics use the past and present as a springboard that lets you predict future trends and shape future actions. With predictive analytics, you can ask questions like: “What would a six-point bump in satisfaction scores do to our customer loyalty?” “What if we could get patients' families to become actively involved in their healthcare?” “What if we could predict customers' creditworthiness based on the type of cars they own?” When you can finally compare apples and oranges in a meaningful context, then you can understand your customers and your marketplace in ways that your competitors don’t, and put that understanding to work in the real world.

You act on it

We thought the whole point of Business Intelligence was to make things simple, but too many other solutions create a heavy dependence on power users and IT. So anyone who wants a report typically has to ask nicely and wait in line. But we believe all users should have easy access to focused business analytics that drive performance improvement in the enterprise. So we have taken steps that democratize decision making. As you can see, the look and feel of our user interface is tailor-made for users who want their data to make sense fast. Its key features deliver actionability by “lighting up” the exceptions, anomalies and outliers that need action.

You share best practices

Once you learn there is a better way to head off potential problems, collect payments, or improve worker safety, you want to get those best practices in the hands of the right people as fast as possible. That’s exactly what our knowledge distribution engine helps you do. It gives you a full set of tools to create rich multi-media courseware, and other knowledge assets that help employees instantly understand what they can do to improve performance. It also lets employees create their own courseware and videos that communicate their own best practices. To help even more, our solutions deliver information that’s rich in value because it helps you move the needle. We bring our users leading indicators that provide real insights into the root causes that underlie standard performance reports. And we deliver these insights by using advanced visualizations that make things crystal clear.

See why we say You'll see.®