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Health systems struggle with disparate systems, lack of interoperability and data silos. All of these issues are the enemy of accurate and timely data to support the analytics and reporting that allow leaders to run the business. And while many organizations aspire to centralize their data in one repository and then map and standardize the dataset, they quickly realize that can be an expensive, time consuming and lofty goal.

The financial pressures facing health systems now and in the future are unprecedented. Staffing remains a significant issue on both the clinical and administrative fronts, and leaders are leaning into technology like automation whenever possible. Manual reporting and the status quo are no longer acceptable, and no one has time to “wait on IT”.

A large physician organization was suffering from that exact problem. A key management report that is distributed weekly required accessing multiple systems and downloading eight different reports, summarizing and calculating certain metrics and collating the results into one final report for distribution. It was so labor intensive; it was a full-time job for three business analysts.

As the organization was looking to streamline and optimize their overall operations, executive leadership knew there had to be a better way. The weekly email was literally costing them $150k a year in salaries to produce. By simply automating the report production to drop the datasets into an FTP site, the data was then consumed by the analytics platform, calculations were performed, and the email was automatically distributed to the leadership team every Friday morning.

Those FTEs were then reallocated to support other areas that were understaffed making it a win for everyone involved. Automating small tasks like the example above can have massive impact on the way organizations work going forward. Looking for those opportunities can create real efficiencies as health care organizations look toward the future.

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