Who Wants to do Thanksgiving Dishes Every Single Day? Hint: No One!

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Hosting a Thanksgiving meal is a serious undertaking. You breathe a sigh of relief when the guests leave. But wait…the kitchen is a total disaster. Dishes, glasses, pots and pans are EVERYWHERE. There are leftovers to be put away and you’re exhausted but you don’t have to deal with this for a whole nother year. Sigh. What do Thanksgiving dishes have in common with health care data? A lot actually!

Taking command of your health care data is no small task and it is a lot like hosting Thanksgiving. Both require significant effort. The majority of the work happens when no one is looking and it is VERY labor intensive/challenging. While no one likes to do the dishes, it is a necessary evil. The data curation process is absolutely necessary to make health care financials usable and it is more of a heavy lift than most leaders realize. And, it has to be done every single day.

We frequently hear “Oh, I can build that in MicroStrategy over the weekend.” The simple answer is you can try, but really you can’t. Why believe us? Because we are the best in the industry as far as health care financial data management and analytics goes. And, it didn’t happen overnight or by accident. It took approximately a $100M investment and 20 years of expertise with about 40,000 hours of development.

Take a minute to roll that around in your head. They are standard transactions? Why is it so hard? The data mapping and business rules that make up a data normalization and curation plan are exceptionally detailed. Simply put, just like doing dishes after a meal for 40 people, it is a lot of work and it isn’t a once a year chore. It has to occur on a daily basis with regular modifications to account for changing business rules and other anomalies. Getting health care financial data in shape to make it useful requires a lot of effort and expertise that most organizations just don’t have in house and it is why you need a trusted partner to help your health care organization achieve peak business health.

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