You Pull, We Push: The VisiQuate Proactive Difference

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We are living in a world of chaos and change. Healthcare organizations are facing increasing pressure to manage revenue, optimize utilization, and reduce costs. While at the same time, you are tasked with preventing illness, optimizing care, and improving overall population health. That is a big ask and it doesn’t even begin to take into account the administrative inefficiencies that are rampant in healthcare.

Wait for the report. Get told the data is wrong or too old. Ask an analyst to run a query. Open the report and realize that it is missing a key service line. Spend some more time waiting. Finally, download the data into excel and start sorting and filtering. This is how many health care organizations still manage their financial operations, even today. The pandemic has changed health care operations for forever, leaving providers in a vulnerable and precarious financial position. Doing more of the same is not a recipe for a successful future. The only answer is to take command of your organization’s financial data.

We take a proactive approach to revenue cycle management by not only surfacing the challenges your organization is facing, but prioritizing them based on financial impact and likelihood of resolution. We push the data to your leaders for visibility and also to the staff that need to work the accounts. In return, you don’t have to hope that you’ve run the right report or asked your analyst the right question. We’ve looked at ALL of the data.

It's estimated that 90% of denials are preventable but that takes a combination of people, process and technology end to end in revenue cycle operations. Taking command of your data starts with the visibility provided when you have dashboards and alerts pushed to you that are both actionable and timely. When you don’t have to go looking for the problem, you can spend precious staff time and expertise wisely, on the tasks that provide the most yield. Your staff know exactly what needs to be worked because it is in a predefined queue and the data will proactively identify processes that need to be reimagined to prevent errors.

Looking toward the future and planning for success takes a proactive approach and having that data pushed to you. That enables you to create a fact based road map to achieve peak business health.

Interested in learning more? The team at VisiQuate is focusing on how we can help hospitals optimize their revenue cycle management. Visit our Revenue Cycle Playbook for step-by-step plays to help you stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of healthcare revenue cycle, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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