COVID-19 Revenue Cycle Resource Center

Together, we can work through this.

We’re always in awe of the efforts you make to keep all your patients healthy, and our respect for your mission has never been deeper. As you work to meet the challenges of this pandemic, we have created this resource site to help you stay on top of the ever-changing news and updates. With your good work, and the natural cycle of these events, one day this pandemic will be behind us. We hope that day will arrive in the very near future.

If you'd like to stay up to date, bookmark this page, as we will continue to update it as new information develops.

COVID-19 Plays

We have created a series of new step-by-step plays that will help you track the right metrics to help meet the financial challenges this pandemic has created.

Blog Posts

Blog Thumbnail Pricing Transparency Reboot

11.02.23 // Kimberly Hartsfield

No Surprises Reboot

Blog Thumbnail 150k Email

10.10.23 //

The $150K Email

Thumbnail blog cost of doing nothing

01.12.23 // Kimberly Hartsfield

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Thumbnail yes bots break

05.04.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

Yes, Bots Break, But They Turn Data Into Dollars

Thumbnail mental health not wealth

05.03.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

No Wealth in Mental Health

Thumbnil compliance roi

04.01.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

Healthcare Compliance Can Deliver an ROI

Thumbnail crispr rev cycle

03.22.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

HIMSS Recap and CRISPR for Revenue Cycle

Thumbnail ai rev cycle

03.09.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

The Case For AI in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Thumbnail consumerism strategy

03.09.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

Consumerism Strategy for Revenue Cycle Operations

Thumbnail Rule Of Threes

01.24.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

Revenue Cycle Management Rule of Three's

Thumbnail Surprise Billing

01.05.22 // Kimberly Hartsfield

The No Surprises Act: A Whole Lot of Grey Area

2021 Yir Open Graph

12.30.21 // Kimberly Hartsfield

2021 Year in Review

Useful Articles

Cms Advance Payments

04.09.20 // Becker's Hospital CFO Report

CMS sends $51B in advance payments to hospitals

Thumbnail Cms Speedy Payments

03.30.20 // Becker's Hospital CFO Report

CMS expands speedy payments to hospitals: 5 things to know

Healthcare Finance News What Insurers Are Covering

03.24.20 // Healthcare Finance News

What insurers are covering during the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid Medicare Template Thumbnail

03.23.20 // Healthcare Payer Intelligence (Xtelligent Healthcare Media)

CMS Releases Four Medicaid Waiver Templates To Fight Coronavirus

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